Measurement Schematics

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Measurement Schematics

Measurement Schematics & Measurement Schematic Software applications are the backbone of any well implemented and managed Measurement Integrity Program.  Measurement schematics (or otherwise referred to as Metering Schematics) provide key stakeholder groups within an oil & gas company important information. The use of properly designed metering schematics adds financial value to any reporting operator’s bottom line and ensures reporting delineation is correct when calculating provincial royalty.

The AER, ECON and OGC have all outlined regulations specifically relating to metering schematic development and maintenance requirements. If audited, these requirements may seem complex to an organization that does not have measurement & reporting expertise. Measurement schematic regulatory requirements also require review and alignment within the reporting operators EPAP program for submission and declaration in Petrinex.

Achieving the best results cannot happen solely with database driven schematics. Database information from multiple sources do not represent how facility infrastructure is designed at a field level. Our measurement services include working with operations, production accounting and engineering stakeholders to ensure metering schematics are representative of field design and can be utilized by production accounting for reporting delineation and product allocation.

Metering Schematic Software

When metering schematic’s are accurately developed, companies like Intricate provide their Metering Schematic Software Package and measurement integration teams to align AER, OGC and ECON regulatory data – ensuring oil and gas companies understand and achieve baseline reporting.

Through Intricate’s knowledge based organization and practical approach to measurement and measurement consulting, they offer schematic development alternatives to organizations based on their budget and existing integrity measurement programs. They provide a complete life cycle approach to measurement schematic management. Their measurement consulting practice operates at a field and corporate level to allow reporting operators in the province of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia to add value through practical implementation strategies ensuring oil and gas companies understand and achieve baseline reporting.